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Fun, interactive play activities for the whole family

We PLAY is a not for profit initiative to bring the joy of play and activity to children and families during COVID-19 and beyond.

Join players, athletes and schools in coming together at this time to provide PE@Home for children’s health and wellbeing.

We PLAY is grateful for all the contributions that have been given freely by these sportspeople for the benefit of all. 

Thousands of children are missing P.E.

Parents have asked for help, support and ideas to look after their children’s wellbeing. Teachers have asked for support with resources.

Coach Clare is taking action, bringing “We Play” lessons to your home every week.

#Play4Fun #Play4Ever #PEatHome #WePlay

Bringing the joy & 💛 of play as a way of life to children and families.

We believe in enabling all children to become physically literate, with enjoyment at the core of every experience.


We can’t wait to engage, motivate & inspire your family to play, move and most importantly, have oodles of fun.

Join in with the whole family! Let’s play together!


Each lesson will focus on a fundamental movement skill that pupils can practice through enjoyable, creative activities.
All activities are designed to be played in the home environment – please share them with parents!

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The most creative pictures demonstrating skill & bundles of fun will be selected for PLAY of the WEEK 🌟