Week 5:

Throwing for Accuracy


Hungry Hippos

Our new challenge activity this week is Hungry Hippos!
Find a partner to play with & see who can feed the hippo first with accurate underarm throwing!


Team Super Shoot

Remember Team Super Shoot we did in Week 4?
Let's play that again!


Try it out!

Each day this week can you try out 1 of these movements from our Word Wall?


Zen Den

Find your Zen Den in you home - a quiet & comfortable place for you to practice your Mindfulness Moment.
Take 5 minutes each day to listen to this.


Your Journal

Don't forget to fill out your Movement Discovery Journal.
Take 5 minutes each day to listen to this.


Share your pictures!

Coach Clare would love to see you trying out all this week's activities.
Ask your caregiver about taking a picture or video of you in action!


Target Throw

This weeks activities are all based on the underarm throw.
Remember Week 3 video?
Can you improve your previous score in Target Throw?

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